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30 Days to Uplevel EVERYTHING!

It IS possible to have it all.


Create more.


Work less.


Own your time.


Drop the drama.


Feel better.



Sound Appealing?



My life wasn’t always a dream.

There was a time where I was beyond burned out.

I was miserable because I thought my job didn’t value me,

I was overwhelmed by having too much to do in not enough time,

and I spent entire days rehashing 2 min interactions with a toxic person.

I was chasing my boss’s praise and devastated when it didn’t arrive.

I was eating to feel better and couldn’t fit into anything but scrubs.

I developed the worst sleep of my life.

I was exhausted.

I found myself wondering, “is this all there is?”

Not. Even. Close.

I had it all wrong.

I developed the best sleep of my life without medication.

I now know that there is always more than enough time.

I create my own opportunities even if I’m not the boss’s favorite.

“Because I don’t want to” is the only reason I need to decline “opportunities.”

I can snuggle on the couch watching Netflix with my babies,
even if the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes and there are no clean clothes in the house.

Your Path In Focus summer session: UplevelMD

Join me in the UplevelMD to learn how to create more by working less!

30 Days to Your New YOU!

The course is centered on these 4 core principles:

  1. Bust through the work-life balance lie. Generate >500 hours a year by simplifying your schedule to the essentials and outsourcing the rest.
  2. Learn the secrets of dealing with a difficult person without becoming one. Become immune to toxic people without them having to change. Save countless hours and energy by dropping the drama, rehashing, overthinking, self-doubt, and imaginary fights.
  3. Negotiate for what you need to succeed by thinking like the boss and making it easy for the boss to say "yes." Multiple clients have had >100K gains in academic pathology. There are millions of dollars on the line over the course of your life. You are worth it.
  4. Get the best sleep of your life without medication to fuel massive, intentional action.

Imagine if you believed…


There is more than enough time.


You are good enough.


Be visible.


Be heard.


Be valued.

What My Clients Are Saying

Dr. Vandana Raman

I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with Dr. Arnold for several one on one coaching sessions.  She has all the great qualities of an excellent coach--kindness, empathy and wisdom. 

Our coaching sessions helped me approach situations from a growth mindset and always left me feeling empowered. She is absolutely wonderful and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her.

Dr. Ilse Larson

Dr. Arnold is simply a gem! I have worked with her in private coaching sessions and participated in the month-long UpLevel MD Summer session. Dr. Arnold is a natural teacher and shares her experiences and insights with humble generosity. As a 1:1 coach she asks poignant and sometimes difficult questions, but always with kindness, curiosity, and absolutely no judgement – this is exactly what I’ve needed to make real change in my life. Although much of our coaching has focused on my role as an academic physician, working with her on personal relationships and non-work issues has been equally fruitful. I recommend Dr. Arnold wholeheartedly for anyone looking for a coach or a coaching program!

Dr. Sara Zadeh

As a listener of Christina’s podcast from the very beginning, I am impressed with the content she continually provides for her audience. It’s educational, practical, and genuine with a twist of fun. I’ve struggled with feeling like an impostor which has only amplified as I’ve progressed through my career as a pathologist. Through the Your Path in Focus podcasts and UplevelMD course, I am taking an active role in combating those false feelings that no one (including myself) likes to think or talk about. Listening to Christina coach and engaging with her in one-on-one sessions has equipped me with useful strategies and tools I can use to continue my self-development in multiple areas of my life. Highly recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to spice up their life with a sprinkle of personal growth. Thank you for what you are doing, Christina!


Dr. Thomas Denize

Dr. Arnold had changed my life, first with her podcast, then her private coaching sessions, and now with her summer session with group coaching. She helped me see the good in every situation, including the challenging ones, to talk to my brain and to accept that reality always wins. I went from being miserable to loving my life, I am more accepting of others, and am on the path to becoming the best version of myself. Thank you so much Dr. Arnold.

Dr. Jill Arnold (Not related!)

It has been such a pleasure to work with Dr. Arnold. I began working with her due to a non-specific feeling of "being stuck". After our first session I felt exponentially more motivated! She has helped me work through my thoughts and feelings around moving, work-life balance and starting a new business. Whether I come to her with a specific topic, a vague idea, or with a million thoughts in my head, her coaching leaves me feeling empowered and lighter. Dr. Arnold was born to be a coach!

Tappy Gish, MSIV UWSOM

 As an incoming resident for this year’s pathology match, talking through my decision-making strategies with Dr. Arnold was enormously beneficial. She effortlessly guided me through my short term and long-term goals; giving me the opportunity to step back, shape and narrow my overall focus. With such a kind, caring and supportive demeanor, discussing difficult topics with her comes naturally. Not only did we cover the main topics I had in mind, but she took the remaining time to help work with me on reshaping my thought processes. Fantastic tools that I believe everyone should have access to and that I, personally will continue to use. I believe people come into our lives for a reason, and what an opportunity this was to work with such a wonderful and intelligent person that is so passionate about improving so many lives. Thank you so much Dr. Arnold.

Lauren J. (Engel) Miller, MJ, MLS(ASCP)CM

Dr. Arnold’s Mastermind on Interviewing was phenomenal and incredibly helpful as I prepare for residency interviews. The advice she offered is practical and actionable, and the insight she provided on the interview process helped qualm my nerves about the entire process. I cannot thank Dr. Arnold enough for this session!


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Course Starts August 10th!

30 days to your NEW YOU.

You in?


If you want the same results you have now,
keep making the same decisions you are making now.
When you want something totally new,
try something totally new.


Until next time,
Keep your path in focus.


Christina A. Arnold, MD

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