Great podcast! I am also an academic pathologist and have come to some of the same tips on my own but never heard them spelled out so clearly. Other tips showed me new ways to think about things with simple mantras. Keeps getting better, now with live office hours! If you are not a pathologist, I expect almost all the tips will still be helpful!

Game changer!

Dr. Arnold is amazing, and the podcast and individual coaching are fantastic. She offers tips, insights, and strategies that are a blend of personal experience and coaching excellence. I’ve learned so much from the coaching and podcast and have noticed a huge difference at work and home. I’ve recommended to colleagues and friends who also love it! Thank you so much for doing what you do.

My favorite podcast!

I’m not even an academic pathologist, I’m a private practice nephrologist, but I find every episode so chock full of guidance on how to work more efficiently, advance professionally and live life with more joy and acceptance. So glad I found this! Dr. Arnold is the best!

This podcast is GOLD!

So far I have to the 3 first episodes and they are — simply put — gold. The take away points at the conclusion of each podcast = excellence. As a young pathologist traversing the twisty roads of career decision making, this podcast debuted at the perfect time. Can’t wait to hear more!